Cover Letter

Biggest Achievement?

My biggest achievement was shortlisting in the international Wilbur and Niso Smith Writer of Tomorrow Award. I spent a month writing a short story 5,000 words long and at the prize giving I was fortunate enough to meet Wilbur Smith himself and also to make contact with multiple literary agents. Following on from this my story was posted on Worldreader's website, a charity that donates books, with 400,000 readers a month. My story was read by over 30,000 people. The most successful among all shortlisted (3). LINK


What I hope to gain from Ad School?

I want the opportunity to explore the world of advertising, and to see how my skill could complement a career in advertising. I'd also love to get the chance to learn from the top creative employees at VCCP and to start building a network with in this area to help identify opportunities in the future. I also really like VCCP's work for instance the O2 advert featuring the rabbit. The score is dynamic and contrasts brilliantly with the narration drawing me in as the advert progressed. The fact that rabbit was blue was curious and the way the viewer followed it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, that we were going somewhere spectacular.


If I were a biscuit what biscuit would I be?

If I were to be a biscuit, I think I would be a LU Petit Ecolier because it has multiple layers which I think reflects my personality. The chocolate embodies my creativity and and the biscuit represents my business side and when the two meet you get an awesome taste and great dynamic. The biscuit is also of European origin and that reflects my interest in travelling and different cultures, I love being able to speak French and Spanish. I also like how the biscuit has un petit ecolier (a little student) on the front which makes the biscuit look far more interesting that it actually is, this of course does not reflect me!

Rory Hinshelwood

65 Brodrick Road, London SW17 7DX

roryghinshelwood@gmail.com / 0208 696 1254 / +44 7799 574672

www.roryhinshelwood.co.uk Also on LinkedIn


Personal Statement

I am on my gap year before studying Zoology at the University of Sussex but ultimately I want to work in advertising. I am entrepreneurial and ambitious but thrive in a creative, team environment. I am developing my own brand of clothing, which will be promoted through social media and I am retained by an NGO to identify sponsors, having worked for them in Mexico City.


Work Experience and Employment To Date

  • Currently working for a catering company as a waiter and developing a brand and website to sell my own design embroidered T Shirts.

  • Set up the Jove fashion label selling caps with minimalistic designs, sourced a manufacturer in Cambodia, created a web page and marketed on social media.

  • April 2017 employed in the Caribbean as a boat hand on a chartered yacht.

  • Jan to Feb 2017 worked in Mexico City for an NGO/charity as Special Project Coordinator identifying sponsorship opportunities from US tech firms. Living independently in a new city encouraged me to take the initiative and develop my communication skills in Spanish.

  • Sept to Dec 2016 volunteered with government charity ICS in Nicaragua. Living in a small rural community, I helped small sanitation businesses develop their marketing proposals and prepare documentation for funding.  I taught English and health topics to 5-13 year olds and ran community initiatives in conservation. I developed my leadership, public speaking and team working skills, and spoke Spanish every day.

  • 2015 Earthwatch. Gathered and input climate change data and learnt how Earthwatch encourage corporations to take responsibility for their carbon footprint.

  • 2014 HSBC Madrid. I shadowed executives in various departments of the bank.



A Levels 2016 -  A in Biology and B’s in Spanish and Drama.

GCSEs 2014 - 2 A*, 6 A’s (including English and Maths) and 2 C’s.


Achievements and Responsibilities

2016 Finalist for the inaugural Wilbur / Niso Smith Foundation Writers of Tomorrow Award, now published on World Reader with 30,000 hits so far

2016 Awarded King’s School Drama Scholarship

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and Black Belt in karate (1st Dan)



As well as writing my first novel, I regularly enter creative writing competitions. I love textiles; designing and adapting vintage clothes for sale. I take photographs and love taking part in drama productions. Living in different countries has fed my interest in languages and people. I play rugby, football, wakeboard and ski.